Residents & Students

The Missouri AFP was recognized at the AAFP’s Annual Leadership Forum in April 2017 as being one of the states that have 100% retention of family medicine residents as members of AAFP and the Missouri AFP for the third year in a row. The Missouri AFP is dedicated to helping family medicine residents and students become involved in their specialty organization.

Leadership Opportunities

Board of Directors –Delegate and Alternate for a Resident and Student – The Alternate Resident Director and Alternate Student Director are elected at the Missouri Reception held in conjunction with the NCFMRS in July/August. Each candidate submits a CV and Letter of Interest to the Missouri Academy office. This is a two year commitment, serving as an Alternate Director for the first year and advances to the Director position in the second year. This year’s election will be held on Friday, July 31, 2020, in Kansas City during the Missouri Reception, Kansas City, MO, beginning at 6:30 p.m., in conjunction with the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Students.  If you would like your name placed on the ballot for Alternate Resident Director or Alternate Student Director, please forward your CV/resume to: by July 15.

National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Students (NCFMRS) – A Resident and Student represent the Missouri Academy as Delegates at this conference. Registration and travel expenses are paid by the Missouri Academy. Individuals are selected on the following rotating schedule. All Missouri residents and students at the NCFMRS are encouraged to attend the Missouri Reception. Missouri Academy board representatives will be elected. Refreshments are provided.

Resident Delegate Rotation Schedule:

  1. Mercy (2020)
  2. SLU (2021)
  3. UMC (2022)
  4. UMKC (2023)
  5. Cox (2024)
  6. Research (2025)
  7. Capital Region (2026) – New
  8. Northeast Regional (2027) – New
  9. St. Luke’s (2028) – New

Student Delegate Rotation Schedule of Schools with FMIG Group:

  1. UMKC (2020)
  2. UMC (2021)
  3. SLU (2022)
  4. KCUMB (2023)
  5. Wash U (2024)
  6. AT Still (2025)

Missouri Family Medicine Residency Programs

Missouri has 9 family medicine residency programs throughout the state. You can learn more about each program, as well as view other useful links by clicking the button below.

Resident/Student Poster Contest - 2021 Contest

The Missouri AFP’s resident and student poster contest is held each year during the Show Me Family Medicine Conference in June.  Residents and students are invited to display posters highlighting patient quality improvement projects, scientific research programs, patient safety, clinical vignettes, clinical research, or other projects related to family medicine. Participants are invited to exhibit work still in progress, innovations recently introduced, or established projects. Posters will be arranged in an exhibit area on display for all attendees. Cash prizes will be awarded during the Awards and Installation Event.


Scholarships for Top Medical School Student Entering Family Medicine

Six top graduating Missouri medical students who are entering a Missouri family medicine residency are awarded certificates and scholarships of $500 each from the Family Health Foundation of Missouri.

Scholarships to Attend Missouri Academy Conferences

Resident and student members are encouraged to attend Missouri Academy conferences and meetings to participate in a learning environment centered on family medicine. Complimentary registration is provided to residents and students who are members of the Missouri AFP. Complimentary hotel accommodations are also offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Summer Externship Program

Co-sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation & the Family Health Foundation of Missouri. The AAFP and FHFM have partnered to offer four-week summer externships to Missouri medical students interested in pursuing a career in Family Medicine. The six externships are available at the following locations:

  • Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program
  • Research Family Medicine Residency Program
  • Saint Louis University Family Medicine Residency
  • University of Missouri-Columbia – Family Medicine Residency
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City Family Medicine Residency Program

Click here to learn more about each externship program.

Deadline:  April 5, 2021. 

Apply HERE

Every attempt will be made to accommodate the preferred externship site of the recipient.

Recipients are encouraged to:

  • Attend the MAFP Show Me Family Medicine Conference
  • Recipients are required to complete an evaluation of their experience
  • Write a one-page report for the MAFP Missouri Family Physician magazine
  • Submit a completed W-9