ad·vo·ca·cy    noun

the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal: the act or process of advocating something.

The Missouri Academy’s advocacy efforts are critical to promoting family medicine and insuring quality healthcare for Missouri citizens. As the definition above from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary states, the Missouri Academy and its members advocate for family medicine through legislative activities at the state and national levels, participate on advisory boards and committees, and collaborate with other healthcare organizations.

The grassroot efforts of the Missouri Academy have been effective in formulating legislation, public policy, and state regulations. Your participation is critical to continuing the tradition of success that we have had with the changing healthcare landscape. Your voice is heard through these efforts but we need you to be a part of these activities.

Advocacy Issues

MoHealthNet Opioid Prevention Intervention
Legislative Updates (Members Only-Login Required
Medical Marijuana – What to Tell Your Patients

Get Involved

  • Volunteer on the Advocacy Commission
  • Donate to the PAC
  • Present expert testimony – Contact Kathy Pabst and let her know when you are available to testify
  • Participate in Advocacy Day

Governmental Consultants

Randy Scherr | (573) 619-7711 |
Brian Bernskoetter | (573) 619-6040 |

Advocacy Day

Be the voice of Missouri Family Physicians by participating in Advocacy Day at the State Capitol.  Bring a colleague and join fellow Missouri Academy Members to promote the importance of family medicine and primary care to our state legislators. This is your opportunity to educate your State Representative and Senator on issues affecting you, your profession, and your patients. SIGN UP TODAY AND GET INVOLVED!

Legislative Resources

Legislator Look-up Tool
Missouri Legislative Action Center (AAFP)
Missouri Senate
Missouri House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Missouri Ethics Commission