Family Medicine Residents & Students

The Missouri Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) continues to offer programs and services that are important to medical students and residents interested in family medicine. MAFP is dedicated to helping family medicine residents and students become involved in their specialty organization and leading them to become Missouri family physicians. Learn more about membership.

Conferences and Events

Resident and student members are encouraged to attend Missouri Academy conferences and meetings to participate in a learning environment centered on family medicine. Complimentary registration is provided to residents and students who are members of the Missouri AFP. Complimentary hotel accommodations are also offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Transition to Practice Conference for Residents and Students

June 20-21, 2024 – The Oasis Hotel, Springfield

Whether you are a student considering your specialty or a resident preparing for practice, this conference will provide you with useful and practical tools to guide you through your next steps. Learn more.

Student Essay Contest

Submissions Due July 1, 2024

The Missouri Academy of Family Physicians and Family Health Foundation of Missouri are sponsoring a Family Medicine Student Essay Contest for MAFP student members with an interest in family medicine. The theme of this year’s essay is The Future of Family Medicine. Learn more.

Family Medicine Advocacy Day

February 24-25, 2025

Advocacy Day is an excellent opportunity to experience the legislative process and be the voice of Missouri Family Physicians. Learn more.

We encourage you to be involved in the legislative and regulatory process. If you want to learn more about MAFP’s advocacy initiatives outside of Advocacy Day, contact Kathy Pabst

FHFM Summer Externship Program

Applications Closed for 2024

Co-sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation & the Family Health Foundation of Missouri. The AAFP and FHFM have partnered to offer four-week summer externships to Missouri medical students interested in pursuing a career in Family Medicine. Participants will receive a $1,000 stipend. Learn more.

Honors, Awards and Scholarships

MO LEADS Honors Program

Top-performing medical students interested in Family Medicine are encouraged to apply for the MO LEADS Honors Program.  This competitive program, limited to 10 students, follows an academic year.  Selected applicants will engage with influential physicians to develop leadership and advocacy skills, connect with top family medicine students and residency directors in Missouri, create a philanthropic group project, and experience Missouri and national events that celebrate and support family medicine. Learn more.

Family Medicine Caffeine Connection

MAFP is pleased to offer an opportunity to pair medical students with family physicians to facilitate the exchange of ideas and enhance the medical student’s knowledge about family medicine. Learn more.

Outstanding Resident of the Year Award

This award is presented to a graduating Missouri resident who exhibits exemplary patient care, demonstrates leadership, displays a commitment to the community, contributes to scholarly activity, and is dedicated to the specialty of Family Medicine. Learn more.

Medical Student Scholarship

Six top graduating Missouri medical students who are entering a Missouri family medicine residency are awarded certificates and scholarships of $500 each from the Family Health Foundation of Missouri.

Resident Stipend Award

The Missouri Academy of Family Physicians is pleased to award up to $500.00 for one resident per Missouri family medicine residency program per year to have their Missouri employment contract reviewed by an attorney of your choosing and/or financial planning consultation. Learn more.

Involvement and Professional Development

Tar Wars Program

Become a Tar Wars presenter at your local school. Educate 4th and 5th grades about the harms of nicotine and tobacco products. And they can win prizes too! Contact MAFP for more information at

Serve on the Board of Directors

Delegate and Alternate for a Resident and Student: The Alternate Resident Director and Alternate Student Director are elected at the Missouri Reception held in conjunction with the NCFMRS in July/August. Each candidate submits a CV and Letter of Interest to the Missouri Academy office. This is a two-year commitment, serving as an Alternate Director for the first year and advancing to the Director position in the second year. Please complete the Leadership Application Form two weeks prior to the election. Email with questions.

National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Students (NCFMRS)

A Resident and Student represent the Missouri Academy as Delegates at this conference. Registration and travel expenses are paid by the Missouri Academy. Individuals are selected on the following rotating schedule. All Missouri residents and students at the NCFMRS are encouraged to attend the Missouri Reception. Missouri Academy board representatives will be elected. Refreshments are provided.

Resident Delegate Rotation Schedule:

  1. Cox (2024)
  2. Research (2025)
  3. Capital Region (2026)
  4. Northeast Regional (2027)
  5. St. Luke’s (2028)
  6. Mercy (2029)
  7. SLU (2030)
  8. Freeman (2031)
  9. UMC (2032)
  10. UMKC (2033)

Student Delegate Rotation Schedule of Schools with FMIG Group:

  1. Wash U (2024)
  2. AT Still (2025)
  3. UMKC (2026)
  4. UMC (2027)
  5. SLU (2028)
  6. KCUMB (2029)

Missouri Family Medicine Residency Programs

Missouri has 12 family medicine residency programs throughout the state. Learn more about each program and helpful resources for residents.