What is the MAFP PAC?

MAFP PAC is the state Political Action Committee of the Missouri Academy of Family Physicians. MAFP PAC is a special organization set up to collect contributions from a large number of people, pool those funds and make contributions to state election campaigns. The MAFP PAC is a bipartisan group dedicated to helping pro-family medicine candidates win election to public office and educating current legislators on the importance of family medicine. The Missouri Academy of Family Physicians also contracts a lobbyist to help ensure that our members’ positions are supported throughout the state legislative process.

Contribute to the PAC

At times, watching the news at night or reading the paper in the morning can be overwhelming and feel like you have little control over how the country, or even the state, is being run. Decisions are taking place everyday that affect aspects of your life even as personal as your child’s education, the freeway you use everyday, and the ways you are allowed to practice medicine. Don’t let this overwhelming feeling stop you from taking action to make a difference in the way those decisions are made. Health care reform proposals are being debated as you read this. There are bills being heard right now that need the voice of Family Medicine to be heard! Do you ever feel like you are one voice in one hundred? Do you believe as a family physician that your voice is not heard? There has never been a more crucial time for family medicine. Family physicians need a voice NOW! We begin by seeking that one voice in one hundred – yours!

Where does my donation go or what are contributions used for?

MAFP PAC will make direct contributions to candidates for the Missouri General Assembly (either State House of Representatives or State Senate), and statewide offices. Contribution decisions are made in a nonpartisan way based on candidates’ positions, policies and voting records as they relate to family physicians and our patients. Direct contribution decisions are made by the MAFP PAC.

I already pay my dues? Isn’t that enough?

Election laws prohibit the use of membership dues for donations to political candidates. Funds to be used for donations to candidates must be raised separately from membership dues. Voluntary MAFP PAC donations are what will enhance MAFP’s involvement in the elections and with elected members of the Legislature.