Member Benefits Include:


To keep members abreast of changes in healthcare, the Missouri Academy provides several opportunities to earn CME on important and timely medical issues.  Evidence-Based CME is offered to maximize the program quality and credits earned.

Show Me Family Medicine Conference – This 2-day conference attracts primary care physicians, residents, students, non-physician attendees, and exhibitors. Up to 14 CME credits available.  The Annual Business Meeting and Awards and Installation Ceremony are held at this event.  Student posters are available for viewing and judging.

Annual Fall Conference – This meeting is the largest Missouri Academy gathering of primary care physicians and exhibitors.  Up to 14 CME credits are available.  AAFP Chapter Lecture Series presentations are part of the CME lineup. SAM Working Group also available.

Look Up Other Members

You can look up other American Academy of Family Physician members, as well as Board and Commission members with this search function. Must have AAFP username and ID to utilize the search.

Professional Development

The Missouri Academy offers a Knowledge Self Assessment (KSA) Working Group in conjunction with the Annual Fall Conference.

The Missouri Academy also sponsors members to attend the National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL) and the Annual Chapter Leadership Forum (ACLF).  These two conferences are opportunities for leadership development among the Missouri Academy members and upcoming board officers.


The Missouri Academy website provides timely information and is user friendly for members.  It allows members to easily find the information they are seeking which will save time.  The online registration and payment is a seamless process and convenient for members to register and attend the Missouri Academy meetings.

The Show-Me State Update is an electronic message that is sent to members approximately every two weeks with timely information on health care issues.


The Missouri Academy’s legislative consultant represents the Academy on issues of interest to members.  The Missouri Academy is the voice of family physicians and their patients on key issues including:  scope of practice, Medicaid expansion, Tort Reform, and other areas of concern.  Weekly legislative reports are available during the legislative session.

Advocacy Day – This 1½ day meeting brings together members who are interested in directly impacting legislative issues of interest to the Missouri Academy members.  This event consists of an intense legislative briefing the evening prior to meeting with legislators at the Capitol.

Family Medicine Congressional Conference (FMCC) – Representatives from the Missouri Academy attend this grassroots lobbying effort in Washington, DC. Missouri Academy members have direct contact with legislators and their aides to bring current issues to them in our nation’s capital!

State Legislative Conference – In order to prepare for the upcoming legislative session, the Missouri Academy sends Advocacy Commission Co-Chairs, Governmental Consultant, and Executive Director to this AAFP conference.  The Academy is committed to representing the interests of members at both the state and national levels.

Students and Residents

The Missouri Academy was recognized at the AAFP’s Annual Leadership Forum in April 2014 as being one of 39 states that have 100% retention of family medicine residents as members of AAFP and the Missouri Academy for the third year in a row. The Academy staff is dedicated to helping family medicine residents and students become involved in their specialty organization. Residents and students have two leadership opportunities within the Academy:

  1. Board of Directors Delegate and Alternate for a Resident and Student
  2.  National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Students (NCFMRS) – Represent the Missouri Academy as a Delegate (Student and Resident) and Alternates.

Other Benefits to Family Medicine Residents and Students include:

  • Scholarship for Top Student from Medical School Entering Family Medicine
  • Summer Externship Scholarship(s)
  • Scholarships to attend Missouri Academy conferences
  • Poster contest with cash prizes

Life Members

Life members enjoy the same benefits as Active Members. They are welcome to attend Missouri Academy CME conferences at reduced fees. Learn more

Family Health Foundation of Missouri (FHFM)

The Family Health Foundation of Missouri provides funding for several resident and student activities.

Public Education

The FHFM supports the national Tar Wars® Program, a school-based, tobacco-free education contest that is easy and fun.  The Missouri Tar Wars® poster contest is for children in the 4th and 5th grades.


The Missouri Academy publishes the Missouri Family Physician, a quarterly magazine that keeps members abreast of Academy activities and important health care issues. In 2010, the magazine won the “Communications Award of Excellence” from the Missouri Society of Association Executives.

Member Recognition

At the Annual Scientific Assembly, the Missouri Academy announces the recipient of the Missouri Family Physician of the Year Award.  At the Awards and Installation Ceremony, candidates who have earned their AAFP Degree of Fellow are conferred and members with milestone anniversaries are recognized.