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Continuing Medical Education
The AAFP and MAFP CME requirements assure your continued pursuit of education. Providing high quality CME courses is one of the most important responsibilities of both Academies. A variety of sources - meetings, courses & conferences, publications, and resources - are designed to provide you insight on the latest research.

The Family Health Foundation of Missouri is the philanthropic arm of the Missouri Academy. FHFM supports quality health care for Missouri's citizens through education, research and outreach.

Public Education - Tar Wars
The Missouri Tar Wars program is supported by both MAFP and FHFM. This pro-health, tobacco-education program is designed for 4th and 5th grade children, reaching more than 15,000 students annually. Missouri family physicians and medical students as well as other health care professions volunteer their time to present the curriculum at elementary schools, providing medical education on the hazards of tobacco use.

Resident and Student Support
Scholarships are provided to student members to attend the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents & Students,  held annually in Kansas City. Scholarships are also provided to attend Missouri Academy's Annual Scientific Assembly held annually in June. The Missouri Academy believes that physician/student contact is the key to the future of family medicine.

The Missouri Academy publishes a quarterly magazine, Missouri Family Physician, as well as a bi-weekly electronic newsletter, the Show Me State Update, which are designed to keep members abreast of Academy activities, legislative issues, and provide information on educational opportunities.  The American Academy of Family Physicians provides free access to full text of AAFP's prestigious journals and news publications to all members. 


The Missouri Academy Board of Directors is composed of an Executive Commission (Chairman of the Board, President, President-elect, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer) and representatives of each of the Academy's 10 Districts. Standing commissions that report to the Board include: Advocacy, Education, and Member Services. Contact the MAFP office to volunteer your expertise and begin your leadership track with the Missouri Academy.

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